Day 2 – 95km from Rīga

Heading north again, I arrived in the small port of Mērsrags, with its legends about a former population of pirates that used to lure passing ships ashore so they could plunder them.

Unable to find a suitable place to set up my tent, I decided to check into a guesthouse called Vētrasputns.  I’m glad I did.  It’s a tranquil little inn located on Ozolu iela, managed by a really nice lady who allowed me to store my bicycle underneath the stairs.  The biggest surprise for me was the generosity of the complimentary breakfast that comes with a stay here.  First of all, I was able to stipulate to the manageress the exact time I wanted to have breakfast (I am not accustomed to such an arrangement), and the amount of food supplied almost exceeded my ability to take it all in.  That’s a rare moment for me.


Tent in Plieņciems
Mērsraga jahtu osta (above)

“Vētrasputns” guest house (below)

Mērsrags was a stopover for me as I head north towards Kolka.  However, let’s get our priorities right:  over 40km inland from here is a town of Talsi.  Talsi is home to a great little pizza joint called “Stenders”, so I decided quite some time ago that I would take a detour from my “intranavigation” of Latvia to head to Talsi to get a pizza.

At around 12:00pm on Thursday 30th May, I loaded up the bike again and headed to Talsi.


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